The World's Cruelest Std : Children

Man , I hate children .

Clean me ! Feed me ! Help me ! Teach me ! Protect me ! Me ! Me Me !
Stupid little selfish bastards .
Here is a suggestion folks : If you so badly want to live around selfish , noisy , short , stupid little people , instead of having kids , why not just move to Italy ?
What pisses me off most about kids , is they are always stealing all the attention despite being crap at everything .
“Hey ..look at me I can ride a tricycle !”
“ Hey look ! I can tie my own shoe laces...!!”

Big deal , kid jerks ! You've acquired the skills of a downs syndrome and you want adoration for it ?

Bullshit .
Let's face it , kids are crap . They can't do maths , draw , discuss cosmology , run fast , east spicy food or even burp properly ...I just don't get it... what's all the hype about ?
But most of all what I hate about kids , is that they are evil . Of course I wouldn't make such a controversial or bold statement , without providing evidence.....take a look at these letters written to Amazing Jeff "the blind magician" .
Like the name would suggest Jeff is blind , just trying to get by through life using pity and the fact that he is blind to mask his mediocre skills as a magician . Yet look at the callous things some of these children write ...

Opened my eyes ? Way to go kid ! Let's just taunt poor blind Jeff , who probably only made a few bucks trying to entertain you, then you go on to pose the existential , yet obviously intentionally mean question "does it get darker when the lights go out ?" just so that Jeff can feel a bit more depressed .
Not to mention you write a blind man a letter....a blind man ....a letter !!!

Evil little short jerks !

And if you think that's evil , check this out....

Anyone can see what the kid is really trying to say....

"Yeah Jeff....how do you "see" when the writing is in Braille ? Oh wait...could it be you don't see on account of being blind Jeff ? Blind , like a cold , dark, dark night, ha ha ha Jeff, you blind asshole ! And why don't you have an "assistance" dog Jeff ? You're not only blind , you're blind and you don't even have a dog.....face it Jeff , you're crap ! Crap , dogless and blind ...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha"

If that's not enough....it's obvious taunting Jeff is not enough , look at this kid named Roman......His personal levels of depravity know no limit . He starts out his letter with an obvious attempt at accusing Jeff of Pedophilia and child abuse....and ends off with the groups usual taunting...

Kids are plain sick , I tell you ....plain sick . Here little John Shear gets in on the " Let's make teacher think Jeff is a pedophile " joke.......manipulative , scheming little terrorists !

It doesn't stop there....this kid accuses Jeff of expiring his world , before going on to imply Jeff was snorting cocaine during the performance.......

I could go on , but it's much to depressing.....

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