Time for the Youth to fight back

God almighty . When not smiting down the poor with horrible diseases , or finding new and creative ways to cripple us with misery and fear , he's out there killing . He's like the Ossama Bin Laden of the cosmos .

Of all the people in the world God likes to kill , he likes to kill old people the most . And who could
blame him ? Old people are crap .

I can't exactly pinpoint exactly what it is about old people I have such distaste for : The farting ? The slow driving ? The crap presents ? The constant mischief ? The all night debauched orgies ? Who knows .....! I think what bothers most people is that you never see old people working or doing anything useful . Just dilly dallying all over the place . Lazy pricks !

What's more , anyone who has ever been to an old age den of debauchery (known as “old age home”) , has seen how they sit around all day with a dull glaze on their faces, devoid of motivation or short term memory .Sure signs my friends , of heavy drug use . Fucking junkies ! I don't know about you , but I find myself very distressed that my hard earned tax money is being used to support the drug habits of these lazy jerks .

Sadly for me , I have some old people . “Granny” they call themselves . They always hinting I should get married , because everytime it's my birthday they give me fucking socks . Alright oldies ! I get it ...I have cold feet ! Now just leave me the fuck alone !

I suppose what bothers me about old people is that they are so deceptive and scheming . Whenever there is hard work to be done suddenly “Oh my back is too sore “ or “ I couldn't possibly lift that from my wheelchair” , but turn yourback for a second and they are running around dancing and fucking each other all the while laughing behind our backs .

I'm sick of it man . Sick of the laughter . Piss off old jerks !

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