Cocaine is bad , Mkay ?

Last night I was the most interesting man in the world . Last night ,if Sigmeund Freud , Karl Marx and Albert Einstein were there , they'd be overcome with perspective . Last night , I was a glorious Adonis of a man . Last night , I administered orgasms through my dance moves alone .

Last night .

Today ?

I curse this day . Seriously . Fuck this day . If this day was Jewish I'd applaud the holocaust . If this day was a cute , big eyed , baby seal . I'd club the hell out of it ! Coke downer and not a valium in sight !

So let us rather talk about last night .

If I were , like , a fully morally functioning human being, and engaged in a process of self reflection , I would no doubt come to some sort of conclusion that I'm something of an obnoxious asshole . Cocaine , for anyone unfamiliar with that bitch , is like steroids for obnoxiousness .

I randomely saw fit to point out everyone's flaws . Something , which at the time I failed to notice , is not as hilarious to them as it is to me . If me ,Joseph Stalin , and the grim-reaper were to stand for mayor right now.....I'd come last . Short people , and people wearing yellow were hardest hit. .
Fucking Yellow .

*sniff *sniff

I must not do cocaine .

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