The world is split into two groups of people .

On the one hand , we have the good guys : Those which like dogs .

On the other , far more wart infested hand , we have the bad guys : Those who like cats .

Take for example the warm images that seep into ones head , when he thinks about dogs : Playing fetch on the beach , frantic ear licks , a happy face to greet you at the door etc etc

But what comes to mind when you think of cats ?

Claws .

Now some people might argue , there is more to cats than mere malicious , bloodthirsty ,vicious claws . I agree .For example the thing is also a manipulative parasite .Sort of a mix between a woman and a leach .
Except women can fetch beer and cook steak , and leaches have medicinal use . A cat has not one simple medicinal use , unless you count when they throw them alive into boiling vats of water . But laughter isn't REALLY a medicine .

Even if a cat could fetch you beer , he'd certainly piss in the bottle . A dog on the other hand ...he'd fetch you just about any damn thing you could throw ...and enjoy it !

The following pictures document evidence of cats evil.....please beware , they are not for sensitive viewers...

Cat's are known for their random and violent bouts of cold murder . Nobody is safe , as this picture suggests.....not even little innocent puppies!!

it's common knowledge that cats are often found around the vicinity of old senile women .....why ? to rob the old girls to nurse their crack habits of course ! One need only but look into the dark , souless eyes of a cat to know they are long time friends with the crack pipe .

Once again , below we see the sinister nature of the evil cat . Clearly the mother is here , just for kicks , mudering her own young ...nice.

So next time you hear the sonic massacre that is the cackle/meow of the cat , think twice before you rush to open a fresh can of tuna .....and please....think of the puppies ....think of that lovable mouse Jerry ....and fetch your broom...

I know you will do the right thing....

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