Sociobiology : Aint it a bitch ?

dull , dull , dull.

Man I'm bored of girls ranting on about this so called "double standard".

You've heard it all before : " How come if a man shags around , he's a stud !But if a girl does it , she's a slut ! Let's go buy shoes ."

blah blah fucking blah .

Now listen girls...just shag around if you want to .....Honestly ,I can freaking assure you , you are not really princesses.....that isn't a sacred temple between your legs "whom unto which only the richeous may enter" ...it's nice and all ,but lets face it , it's not like Angel voices and harps melodies come flowing out when you open your legs .

No one's going to stone you to death , administer clitodectomy , sow anything up etc if you decide to have a little fun . That's really all a little in your head (which let's face it , is more than the "nothing" we usually give you credit for).

However ...

Sadly your request for this not to have consequences will not be approved....like men ,if you shag around you will be labelled "sluts".....boo freaking hoo.......and it will mostly be by other women....but there is not one single law , civil rights clause or activist group trying to stop you.......you built your own damn cage......

Admit it . You don't want equal rights as men...you want special rights....you want consequence free shagging around. Liar .

I think I speak for all men who haven't yet sold their testicles when I say......"er......no."

Anyway , don't listen to me , listen to science .

Look ladies . It's simple Sociobiology .But in case you were probably buying shoes during that class , so let me explain :

Human beings , our behaviour ,evolved culture etc , are nothing more than vehicles for the Genes . We are naturaly predisposed towards the best possible means to ensure our Genetic code is passed on to the next generation .

Yup, that's right .You are nothing more an advanced machine who's sole purpose is to pass on your genetic code .That's WHY evolution made you . You are very good at it .

Now if humanity is the vehicle . Men are the accelerater , and women are the brakes . Men pass our genes on through billions of sperms . It's our job to get those little swimmers out there ....often and regularly . I for one take this job very seriously !

We get out there , compete , play sport , buy sports cars....heck anything to get girls to open their legs , even ACT SENSITIVE AND CARING . Other than that , pretty much any damn woman will do . We can drop our little swimmers off and move on . Full speed ahead !

But the girls .You got to take it a bit more seriously .You have a lot more invested in to who gets access to your womb .You got those few eggs and you better put them to good genetic use !

So you got to put the brakes on that sex drive a little .Make sure the guy who drops off his load is worthy , that he's either going to give you good looking kids , or be a good provider .Because he can piss off , but you got that kid with you for 9 months and after .

Lovely irony is if Daddy drops off his genetic code and buggers off , those same genes provided with a bit of testing gonna make daddy pay up for a long time .

Now , calm yourselves down . I'm not saying it's right or wrong, I'm just saying it's natural . Simple nature !

Gaia , the earth mothers' plan for us all .

You don't hate mother nature , do you ?

By bovinerebel at Sun, 03/09/2006 - 11:47 | reply


Bella_Freud said...

"...women have no souls..."

ever wonder why you are still single? hahahahahhahahahahahahahaaaaaaarggghhhh.

The_Rooster said...

I'm not single......that's just what I tell women i want to sleep with...