Teenagers : The case for mass jailing..

As a liberal minded sort of person , I have always felt it is important to respect other people's rights , and freedom .

I'd stand up for the rights of criminals , spiders and even the French .

But teenagers ?

Fuck them .

The only teenage right I'll stand up for is euthanasia ! Seriously . Can't we just lock them all up ?

That way , when they start whinging about how "Everyone is out to get them" and how they feel "society has trapped them in a cage " , they'd make some fucking sense for a change .

What's more I'd play crappy (as if there is another type) goth music and throw in some razor blades . Let evolution take it's course .

You might argue if I was to lock up people just because they made no sense , spoke a lot of shit , were sex mad and loud , I'd have to lock up the French too . Don't for a second assume I disagree . Obviously, lock up the French too.

I can just hear their (the teenagers) breaking , squeeky , pimple faced, over grown midget voices now "Ever since my balls dropped , the world doesn't seem to revolve around me !"

Well , no fucking shit , Galileo ! Keen observation .

To all teenager readers of this site... honestly now ....you are better off that way . We wouldn't want to distort your fresh , groundbreaking non comformist little souls by exposing it to our life experience .You are after all the only human beings to ever feel unique , and let's face it , you do know everything . You are the only unique, individual, people in the world .

Each and everyone one of you .

People say drugs are a problem in the teenage community . I agree . They don't have access to nearly enough lethal drugs .

And why all this talk about Teenage abortion ?

Better late than never I say ....think about it .

Lastly , if you for any crazy reason, (probably syphalis induced dementia , or peodophilia ) , are not yet convinced teenagers should be locked away , take a look at this ....

...and think again .

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Guy McLaren said...

Fuck you write better than me, mThats just fucking not on.