The tokolosh : why short people are universally loathed

If you ever enter the hut of a rural South African , you will no doubt find their beds standing on bricks . Understandably enough , this is not done for it's aesthetic nature , but for a far more sinister reason .

The Tokolosh .

If I had a font that could write that name dripping with blood , I would .Seriously .

The Tokolosh is some short little guy . I'm not sure what the general consensus is , but my personal theory is that he's only short cause he is weighed down with the pure weight of all the worlds evil . If science sought to quantify evil , it need look no further than the Tokolosh .

Anyway ,he is short (Napoleon complex anyone ?) and runs around generally looking for beds without bricks , so he can climb up and , well , do stuff . What he does no one is exactly sure .

After all , who would be stupid enough NOT to put bricks under their beds ?

I don't know about you guys , but something tells me the Tokolosh should GET A REAL JOB .

Jerk .

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Bella_Freud said...

holy crap.

Anonymous said...

learned a lot