Ann Coulter : Herpes personified

If Psychology wasn't such a crock of horse shit , I'd be on the couch right now . I can't help it , I'm sick in the head . I want to fuck Ann Coulter .

In fairness I'd probably shag her in the bum , so that it would at least hurt (I'm sick.,...not evil !).And I'd certainly spank her a bit harder that was appropriate(with a hammer) and I'd definitely gag her of course ...with my penis .

The way I see it .Having sex with Ann would be incredibly exciting . She's hot in a “horse like” kind of way . At the same time , sex with Ann would be like ass-raping my own soul . In that way sex with Ann is like Heroine use . Yes . Ann is my heroine . No , wait !

Whatever . Screw that attention seeking bitch . Let's talk about something much more pleasant than Ann : Herpes .

Herpes is a crappy little disease that , like Ann , nobody likes , or wants .

Like Ann it only exists and spreads because it “transmits” sexually .

Although it's a shitty , shitty thing (like Ann) , It has the decency to only occasionally show up and express itself (unlike Ann).

Herpes is usually associated with Dicks , Assholes and Cunts .Just like Ann .

If you are a fan of the lovely Ann , you are excess to human requirement . Your very being alive serves to only significantly lower the collective intelligence of our species .Everyone hates and laughs at you . Please follow the following instructions .

Fill a tub of water with hot and cold water . Add yourself and mix till warm . Take a sharp knife and carve firmly down the fleshy side of your wrists . Stir the mixture till crimson red , add a pinch of Hairdryer and allow to boil .

It's the right thing to do .

But don't listen to me...listen to Henry .

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Bella_Freud said...

nah, i don't think he's anti-social at all. he's been recently spotted partying with some guy named slurms. haven't you seen that news bit on tv?

The_Rooster said...

No , trust me .He's a jerk . Don't let him near your cocaine .