What the world needs now is tolerance.....but...

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With all the furore in the world right now , we live in a time in need of much tolerance . Tolerance for our differences , tolerance for our fellow man . We need to come together and accept and celebrate each others diversity .

And while a great big part of me believes that entirely . Still ... fuck Australia .

I've been nice to them for a while , since Steve Irwan died . But I just can't take it any longer . Fuck Australia . Seriously.

Everyone's always going on about how they want to go to Australia . Why ? What's there to see ? Some big piles of turd looking dirt in the desert ? Big fucking deal !

You know why Australia has big piles of turds lying around ? I'll tell you .Because Australia is the earth poop/ass hole . It's such a crap country it literally shits !

Some pointy opera house ? Fuck Opera ! It's all grown men in tight pants prancing around and singing about women with fat bums .Kind of a hybrid between American Football and Rap .

The animals ? Come on ! Australia has crap animals ! Duck billed fucking platypus ? What the fuck is that ? Kangeroos ? It's like a fucking rat that jumps a lot ! Kill them all !

What's more... whenever they play sport they play in this crap luminous canary yellow .If Herpes had a flag , it would be canary yellow .But what do they call it? Australian gold ! Liars !!! You know what they should play in ? Black and White stripes ! Fucking convicts .

Then there's Australian culture . I use the word culture here very reluctantly and only because there is currently no word in the English language for “collective psyche of people who act like “Twats”. Australian culture can be broken down into three main aspects : Being ignorant , talking funny and most importantly : Beastiality .

Normally I would be far harder on Australians for the fact that they love to shag sheep so much. But having seen their women , I almost understand why they aren't as pedantic as most when it comes to distinguishing between man and beast .

What else is australia famous for ? Adventure sports , like bungy jumping . Well big fucking deal . If I'd lived in Australia I'd jump of a bridge too...

...without a chord .

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