Songran and the passport : Part 2

Having received my passport back shortly before Songran , I was walking around with a overdue passport . So on that fateful night , I hooked up with my good friend and wingman “the Face” . The Face is a Keunu Reeves look alike and handy when out to pick up girls . He attracted them like fly paper , where I would use my breakneck wit and over confidence and thai language skills to do the rest . In fairness you just have to not have 3 or more eyes to get laid back in Thailand , but we enjoyed the illusion of being studs .

We decided to head out to Khoa Sarn road , where we would be assured to find a variety of Japanese and Swedish girl to spray with our Water pistols .Well I had a pistol and “the face” carried what can more be described as a “water cannon” , making me wonder and constantly comment that perhaps we was overcompensating for something .

Khoa Sarn road , made famous by that eye rape of a film called the “beach” with lenardo di fatprio , is a backpacker area , frequented by rich kids with dreadlocks , or as the Tank likes to call them “Trustrafarians” , and poor kids with dreadlocks , or as you might call them “hippies” . It's an eye sore of Tie die , Bob Marley music , fisherman pants and Che Guevara t-shirts . It's wall to wall open air bars on either end of the street , and kids sit everywhere sipping a toxic mix of cheap Thai whiskey and red bull served in buckets , through straws . (The Thai version of red bull is heart attack stuff ). On Songran everyone comes out the bars with their water pistols and line the street trying to kill my cigarettes . That's how I see it anyway .

The plan was simple , as foreplay to the evenings eventually main events, we would target in on any big breasted woman not wearing a bra . This of course perfectly redundant , because the Eurotrash that frequents Khoa Sarn road have likely never heard of a bra . So to make it all more interesting , we threw “and Japanese woman” woman into the mix .