Casino royale : A revue

Ok , I'm going to give the plot twists away here , but don't worry nothing can ruin this film .

Not that the movie is good , or anything . On the contrary , the movie is so arse achingly bad ....they may as well instead of a screen , just put up machines to blow shit over everyone , and you would fail to notice the difference .
Don't watch this movie . I'm serious . The big twist is that Mr bond falls in love with a woman , later to find out she was a liar and after his money . Well fuck me three ways sideways , what other type of women are there ?

Shit , If you want to shock us , make the women turn out to be honest . But then again , it's not a science fiction film .

The action scenes consists of running , chasing , car crashes , shooting , ducking and hiding behind pillars with the odd jump . Oscar winning stuff . James (Daniel Craig)himself looks like a mixture between a heroine addict and a gym fanatic , but does a moderately decent job of making you wish you were dead , which was obviously the directors intention .

I haven't been so bored in my entire life . Being locked into a soundproof , entirely dark room alone would have seemed like a roller coaster ride on comparison to this cat vomit of a movie .

Lastly , this is officially the worst film I have seen , making that a record 1500 films in a row trumping each other in shitness . Man , people suck .

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