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(16th/12th) Casino Royale
17/11/2006 : all about Tucker Max

Clitoridectomy : Mankind's last hope...


Romance : Evil girl porn

American Sport/bum rape

Steve Irwin 0 : A Stingray 1

What the world needs now is tolerance.....but...

Also pretty classic

Greatest album/album review of all time

5 more myths about women

Bio Diversity : Crap

Doomsday Devices reconsidered...

Bigfoot : Fuck him

Teenagers : the case for mass jailing .

The Tokolosh : why short people are universally loathed .

Ann Coulter : Herpes personified .

Look, god .We're sorry about the apple .

50 Cent : Rap's Elton John

Grimms Forgotten tale : Rimjobs

Random Mysoginistic rantings

All the Equal animals and other perpetuated crap .

Sociobiology : ain't it a bitch ?

Look wife ,it's simple .


Heinz dilema

Wank festivals of the neurotic masses

Cocaine is bad , Mkay .

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