Clitoridectomy : Mankind's last hope...

When one day we reflect upon the downfall of western civilization , surely one little menace will stand out as the obvious culprit : the clitoris.

Why do I say this ?

I really have no idea. Just like a “gut feeling”. But just to be safe we must act swiftly to cut off the clitoris of every woman.

Now I hear a lot of you girls whining “Why do you always want to mutilate us Rooster?”....blah blah blah....but come now! Is the safety of our very civilization worth risking for your sexuality? Be reasonable !

What's the big deal anyway ? I never saw any use for it. The damn little menace just encourages foreplay, which is perfectly redundant when you consider that blood makes an adequate lubricant.

I notice there are still outstanding objections. Some people perhaps underestimate the havoc the clitoris is capable of reaping across society.

"The clitoris is harmless !" you say ?

"How ridiculous to propose something like the clitoris could bring about the end of modern civilization ! ", you say ?

oh really ?

Yes . How ridiculous indeed.

*rolls eyes

While nobody is quite sure which so far is the greatest tragedy of the 21st century, everyone agrees it is between the Asian "Tsunami" and "Sex and the city". I would have included September 11th , but since "sex and the city" was released many people themselves wanted to crash planes into New York city, easing a bit of the sting. I myself would have been happy to give my life , just for slightest chance that "Carrie" might just shut the fuck up.

Image now these women had rather been administered Clitoridectomy? I propose the show might not have gotten past the pilot episode. The girls would have sat around , generally moaning , and complaining and being miserable.

No ....on second thoughts....it would have been brilliant.


Still not convinved of the emotional damage the clitoris has done to the collective psyche ?


Nope ladies , I'm afraid it's clitoridectomy all round.

I propose what has happened is a general social decay ....a slow dip in values and virtue that has sneaked past the soulless masses , without notice....

So lastly.....so as to remind you of , a time past - to inspire even. When all in the world was good . A "mecca in the East" ..a "beacon of light" in these dark , dark times. Ladies and gentlemen,may I offer the following clip for your nostalgic appreciation,and in some casses....masturbation...

The A team !!

Excuse me...I seem to have something stuck in my eye....


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