Woman's tennis : crap .

Once again humanity doesn't fail to dissapoint me .
Popped over to good ol' supersport to watch what promised to voyeur festival of lithe russians womans underwear....of course I'm talking about Tennis .
And what do I find ? Both the women wearing ...get this...not shorts skirts and panties , but tights!!

Now I was pretty pissed off at the panties part to begin with . I was of the persistant view that women playing tennis should be forced into wearing g-strings .If you are getting paid a lot of money so that grown men can look up your skirt as you frollic around in slow motion replays...you better at least wear a g-string ! But now they have pushed me too far .

I mean....if there is not the exciting hint that one might catch a glimpse of sexy underwear ...then what is the point ? Then it's just two girls hitting a ball to each other ....they are free to do it or whatever but who the fuck cares ? If I wanted to see that I'd watch men .
They do it far better .

Time society faced up to facts .Women are there to be objectified . It's not rocket science ladies...so for fuck sakes....do it properly .

If you need help objectifying yourself , I suggest you look no further than "myspace" . Myspace is a website where women post slutty pictures under the misconception that it doesn't make them total whores . Yup , these girl sure know how to objectify themselves , and stand as a veritable pillar holding up societies view than women are nothing more than tits and arse , and certainly should never be taken seriously .

the point of course is the girls on myspace don't wear fucking tights under their skirts ! whether or not that's related to std's I can't say for sure .So come on girls , drop the bullshit act . In fact don't even bother with the "playing tennis " part . Get your g-strings and skirts on and simply walk into the arena . Do a few unpredictable bending manoevers . Occasionaly shriek as if you just orgasmed .....oh.....and get nipple stands .

Now I know some of you don't take this sort of thing seriously . But what next ? Girls playing tennis in tracksuits ? It's a short step from there to girls treating themselves with dignity instead as mere objects for our viewing pleasure, a very short step . And once that happens , I think we know what that means .
No more facial cum baths in porn .
A price ,I think we all agree , that is simply too high to pay .

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Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Anonymous said...

Не that has an ill name is half hanged.