Kill all lonely people

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Lonely people suck . For one thing they are very unsociable . Also , they have no friends .

I'm not saying we have to , but it's probably best if we kill lonely people .Or at least lock them up . No one will notice anyway .

Besides , lonely people are useless . They are always sitting looking out stupid windows , sighing . It's enough that they waste oxygen with their pathetic existence as it is , but must they also waste more through sighing deeply the whole time ? Greedy ,oxygen hogging ,lonely jerks .

When they aren't looking through windows , they are writing dumb poems . Lonely people take themselves way too seriously . I always find it ironic that the people in the world who care most about their problems are the same assholes who's problems no-one else cares about .

More so , lonely people are lazy . Never going out and doing anything , just sitting around . They always want love and affection , but they are never willing to go out there and work for it . Sorry folks , but if you want love , get out there and emotionally abuse people with a manipulative web of lies and self serving deceit like the rest of us .

What I really don't understand about lonely people is that they seem to be complaining about being alone. This infuriates me . What I'd give to just be left the fuck alone by all the other assholes that inhabit this earth . Shit , even the most forgiving guy of all time , Mr J.C needed 40 days alone in a desert . Sure he told Simon and the boys he had some reason , but really he just wanted to be the fuck alone and away from all the ass kissers.

Shit folks , we all get lonely sometimes ....that's why God made prostitutes and alcohol .

Ungrateful jerks .

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Anonymous said...

I am one of those lonely people that no one wants to be around. Please help me to kill myself.