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Dear Jews

As usual , this time of year , I take it upon myself to offer my message to the Jewish community . Who could forget last years “Wow , you guys sure beat the crap out of our savior” ? And I still get mail regarding my article two years ago when I asked “ Wasn't the crown of thorns a bit much? “

This year I bring a simpler , gentler message : “ Thanks for the chocolate .”

Some Christians may feel chocolate is a small consolation when you consider that , well you did sort of ,for lack of a better word , flat out murder the hell out the son of their god....but not me .

Heck ..my compassion and forgiveness can be easily bought . I don't need like for example “30 pieces of silver “ .Nope ..chocolate will do just fine for me . And every year because of the blood thirsty , malicious and sadistic nature of your ethnic group's ancestors , I get chocolate .

Thanks again , and I sinerely hope you don't all burn in hell .

Slurms Plutonium (Designated speaker for the free world)

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April 2nd

I suppose it make sense that the only decent thing to come out of Australia , Irene Bester , lives in South Africa . Still , that's no reason for her to talk to much . That's all she does ...talks ! Irene please , less talking , more sucking my penis .

Everyone knows the worst dj in the world is Ilana Africa . There are mute 3 year olds from the gambia , currently in a coma , which would make better Dj's than Ilana Africa . I would rather listen to a troop of transevestites scratch their fake nails on a chalk board , than listen to Ilana Africa . Please , let sanity previal and fire her immedietly .

The South African Blog awards apparently happen , no one cared . In huge part , no doubt related to my absense . I suppose I simply don't bore people with enough details about my personal life , so here goes my attempt to rectify the situation .

I woke up , I drank coffee , I shat . I drove to work , everyone pissed me off , I went home . I tried to watch tv , it pissed me off . I tried drink myself into a coma instead. The end .

Now cough up my vivunzela !

30th March

Chad Vader : Darth Vader's less accomplished brother...

Sunday 5th March

Cool marketing campaign for the new Trwent Reznor album .


Friday 2nd March

It's not my style of nature to post gorgeous women like some horny adolescent, but Reon Kadena has a sexiness that demands compromises ... no nudity or porn . We're a classy bunch here at the finger and thumb .

Monday 26th January

Trust Radiohead to make your Mondays a little bit better . Be sure to watch the whole thing ...Rabbit in the headlights ...

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