News (27th December)
Whole bunch of sub par articles in December....partly because I'm on Holiday...but also a little out of spite .
News (13 November)
New article up about Jake my dog . Redesigning the site is taking a long time , but I will be back to updating articles at least 2 times a week from now on as things slow down work wise .
Also have updated my t-shirts with some Steve Irwin , suddam Hussein ones up etc etc....
News ( 6th November)

In the process of moving this site to it's own ".com" domain ...sadly means redesigning the whole damn thing ....anyone want to work for free as my lackey ?...form an orderly line please...I will not be entertaining random offers of sex at this time...but only because my girlfriend reads this site (if you know what I mean ...Ie : I will be .)

Later assholes .

New : (24th October): Bio diversity : Crap

news (30 October)

Updates have slowed down , due to work commitments ....should be back to spewing out articles on a daily basis pretty soon .

Check out the article archive !

News (17th October)

Should be updating here today , latest tomorrow . Been a busy boy .

NEWS (12th October)

New article up .

Been getting a lot of hits from Australians . Was surprised to know they even had the internet in Australia . Was more surprised to see they know how to use it . Maybe it gets translated into picture form , cause lastest rumours doing the rounds in the Science journals are that Australians are devoid of frontol lobes , making it impossible to read .

Never the less . If Australians have indeed learnt some rudimentary form of cognitive functioning , this spells a dark time for the internet , except of course , for those hoping to increase the hit rate of their beastiality sites .

Sigh...oh well .One must play to his audience .I'll be putting up some sheep pictures for you guys a bit later .

That's reminds me....

Bruce and Bruce are talking.....Bruce1 says to Bruce2.."Hey mate , you should shear your sheep!"

"Fuck off, "says Bruce2 , "She's all mine".

* insect noises

Jees .Tough room .